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  1. My Gosh! Evernote's website is really not user-friendly. I simply want to offer Evernote an improving idea that flashed across my mind, but instead I had to spend 20 minutes in finding the right place to leave a message. Now I only want to complain instead of suggest. I am a Chinese version evernote user, but this English forum is the only place I could find to leave a piece of advice. No e-mail address could be found. No message board could be found on the website/blog. The "contact me" part makes it even harder to contact to any real person in evernote. The idea I have that costs me so much time is: Since sogou(搜狗)can now search articles from wechat official account and zhihu, why not let it show searching result from evernote (if that piece of information is opened)? People could choose to share certain notebook with all people online in a neatly designed and well-classified way without troubling posting all the info again on blogs or other websites. In that way, I could easily share all of my study note with people online y. Evernote has advantage in storing huge amount of knowledge and the "tag" function makes it really convenient in locating information from the giant info pool. As far as I know, maintaining a personal website both costs money and requires design talent that not everyone has. Furthermore, other blogs/websites do not offer as good classification function as evernote. Last but not least, evernote's function of encrypting certain sentences could be really useful in avoiding examination of sensitive materials without sacrificing the whole article. Finally, I've poured out all that I want to say.
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