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  1. Unfortunately the Thing 3 quick entry with autofill shortcut no longer works with the new Mac client. I think this is related to Applescript support being removed. 😞
  2. Audio playback is working for me on 10.0, only the quality is downgraded to mono and poorly compressed. There used to be a high quality option in settings, but that's now gone. If I edit the note and "share" the audio to a different iOS app, then playback is fine. So it looks like the original file is downloaded, but Evernote 10 is messing up the playback.
  3. I'm tempted by the 40% off premium promotion that's offered to me when I go to the Evernote.com site. I'm wondering though - does it automatically go up to full price after 12 months? And, if so, will I still be able to downgrade back to Evernote Plus when that happens?
  4. A Plus is sufficient for me (and Premium just too expensive). But AFAIK, the points can only be redeemed for a Premium subscription - otherwise I would indeed exchange them for a Plus account. By the way, I'm only offered the Plus option in the Evernote for Mac in-app-purchase. The website and iOS apps only show the Premium option.
  5. I am considering coming back to Evernote after some time away. I'm currently on the Basic plan but am presented the option to upgrade to a Plus plan (see screenshot). However I also have 120 Evernote points that I could redeem for a years Premium. My question is: if I use my points to upgrade to Premium, will I - at the end of the year - be able to downgrade back to the Plus plan? Or will I lose that option once I've gone to Premium?
  6. Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn't seem to have made a difference. I am pretty sure it's related to the Searching PDF overlay as if I do a search which only returns non-PDF notes, then highlighting works as expected. But when there's a PDF in the results, viewing the note triggers the Searching PDF overlay which never completes and seems to cause the highlighting of search terms to stop working.
  7. Did you ever resolve this? I'm experiencing the same thing - a black "Searching PDF" overlay that never completes.
  8. Evernote used to give a yellow highlight to found search terms in text notes, OCR'd images and PDFs. This highlight is no longer appearing to me since upgrading to Sierra. Is anybody else experiencing this problem?
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