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  1. I was an Evernote since 2010, at one point i was a paid customer. But the price point was to high for my type of usage, i don't store any images or recordings etc all I have is text. So I switched back to the free version and I kept using it until today, once I encountered the device limitation. (I own 1 phone, 1 tablet and 2 pcs) I checked again on the pricing to see if i can add more devices, but it was still too high for something that today has so many alternatives. So i went and backed all my data and then imported it to apple notes, (it was so simple it event kept all my history with the proper note dates). http://lifehacker.com/how-to-transfer-your-notes-from-evernote-to-apple-notes-1767124859 I want to thank the evernotes tech team for creating this amazing app so ahead of its time, and for supporting it over the years into all the devices i have used. Unfortunately their sales team I think do not know what they are doing, i'm sure like me there are other users willing to pay if there were a more affordable plan for text only users. After this sand incident, I'm really happy now that I have consolidated all my notes on a single place and i don't need to depend on evernotes anymore. This account unchinaglia was just created so that i can post on the forums, because i deleted all my data from evernotes and deactivated my old account.
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