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  1. It would be a sweet feature if, the web clipper, could create an ever-note that contained all clip types and saved it to Evernote as an intelligent note. Or, allow the user to create a meta-clip that has a custom selection of clip types. Then in Evernote, I would be able to quickly bounce between all clip types. This idea essentially reversing the point at which clip type is evaluated by the user. Instead of deciding on clip type during clipping process, the user will evaluate clip types during viewing instead. The theoretical benefit being, the clipped ever-note would be an extremely rich object, and the user could bounce between clip-type-views at will, to find the one that suits their immediate needs. Also future, yet unoffered clip types, could be retro available to existing notes, if the original data captured is rich enough.
  2. When I hit the screen clip key (print screen), hover tooltips in chrome fade away before the screen freezes so I lose out on data I want to capture
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