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  1. Do you know if there's a way to sync updates made to a Business card in Evernote, back to iPhone contacts (Exchange)? I have saved a contact to Contacts and then when I make a change in Evernote, I can't get it to update the one in Contacts. It either duplicates the contact, or it might find the same contact but duplicates the phone numbers and doesn't update the address. Also do you know if there's a way to sync a Business Card with LinkedIn after it's in Evernote? I scanned a card and had to clean some of the information up (name and email address) so it couldn't link the 2 in Scannable and
  2. I scanned a business card into Scannable, but some of the data was incorrect, including email address and name wasn't picked up. As I can't amend that in scannable, I had to save to Evernote and correct the data there. How do I now connect that Evernote business card with LinkedIn. The person is on LinkedIn and I am connected with them, but it seems the feature to find them in LinkedIn is only inscannable not once you get the business card into Evernote?
  3. Hi there. I just started using Scannable. After scanning a card and saving it to Evernote and iPhone 6 contacts (Exchange), I needed to make a change to the address details. I made that change in the Evernote app, and when I sync I can see that change in Evernote desktop etc, but would like to know if there's a way to cleanly update those details in iPhone contacts? I only seem to see an option in Evernote app to "Save to contacts" and choosing that seems to sometimes find the same contact on my iPhone (great), and other times it adds the whole contact a second time (not great). If it doe
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