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  1. Premium user - converting to One Note if they don't get multi color highlighting. So stupid for a notes program not to have. The freebie apps I use for editing PDFs on my iPad ALL have it. Can't be hard to do.
  2. I just realized the issue was that if you use the screen capture function, which I do a lot for taking class notes from online lectures, then putting quotes will not work. It will still return any of the words in the phrase, not the exact phrase. But, you are correct, it does work for the regular text within/between notes, outside of the images.
  3. It would be extremely helpful to be able to search for specific phrases both across and within notes. For example, right now if I want search to return the exact phrase "net income", I have no way to do it. When I search "net income" across notes, I get notes that contain both of those words, but not notes that contain only that phrase. Similarly if I search "net income" within a note, I get results for "net", "income" and "net income" -- when really I just want the latter-most, complete phrase. This seems like a simple and common-sense search feature that almost all other programs have. Thanks for considering.
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