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  1. I am also having the same issues. 1. Print preview only asks which file to save the pdf in 2. Nothing happens when I click print 3. Ctrl P working for all other apps but not Evernote I thought I had screwed up my settings. Happy to hear that I'm not alone but would be happier to not have these issues. LOL PS print preview works only if you are in the actual Evernote "preview" mode, not if the note is open. Once you get the pdf preview then the ctrl-p will work and print the page (s). Sort of a pain but does work nonetheless.
  2. I too am having the "slow typing issue" and I'm on a pc with Windows 10. Very, very frustrating. Can only type 2 - 3 letters then have to sit there and wait for the letters to show up before I can enter another 2-3 letters. This started for me about a month ago. Loved, loved, loved this app and was considering upgrading.
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