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  1. Thanks for your helpful reply! In the previous version of Evernote, one could share a note and access the annotation tools (Markup, see the attached image below), which would help to save the note as a pdf. (The pdf file would be saved to Files, for instance.) It seems that it is not longer possible to do so in Evernote.
  2. I am not sure about the 3rd step. Where do I click on the pdf? I do not see any “pdf button.” When I click on the edit button (the 2nd step), I got this, see the attached image.
  3. I am not sure why was my post a waste of time. Do we not discuss the problem of Evernote's slowness and whether this is tolerable? Some users are considering to switch to some other software, as several have said in this thread. I am still trying to find a decent alternative to Evernote given the problem of its peculiar slowness (lag), but so far I have not find a good software that have such rich features as Evernote, as explained in my previous post. I would welcome any suggestion for alternatives to Evernote if there is some good one. Best regards, Aleksandar
  4. Evernote is still slow. However, despite its slowness, other alternative software have much bigger problems. In my previous post, I mentioned Together and Yojimbo as possible alternatives. I have tried both products: Together (by Reinvented Software) and Yojimbo (by Bare Bones Software). My verdict is that Evernote is much superior despite its slowness. (I have also tried Microsoft OneNote, but personally I do not like its design and the way it organize its notes. Besides, web clipping feature is not so good to satisfy my needs.) I was hoping first that Yojimbo could be a decent alternative, but the big deal breaker is that I cannot make notes on my iOS devices and only on Mac. It is syncing in only one direction, from Mac to iPad/iPhone. Together is very buggy. I have really tried it in a few days, and it often crashes. Many of its promising features, like saving web pages as pdf or web archive, do not work as it should. It can also be slow, and I have also experienced that the content of a note can suddenly disappear while reading it! Syncing can also be buggy. So I think I will stick to Evernote despite its slowness from time to time. I hope that the problem will be solved in a near future. Best regards, Aleksandar
  5. I have started to look for an alternative to Evernote. I thought first to use OneNote, but it is a terrible web clipper. Search function on Evernote is much better than OneNote. Besides I am not much a fan for Microsoft. I have tried Keep, but it seems that it is not possible to make web clips with it on iOS devices. Web clipping and Search are for me most important features, together with a possibility to have an access to notes on the web. Evernote was a great product because it had a superb web clipping feature combined with note managment/organisation and syncing. But it is terribly slow! It is very hard to find an alternative. Rigt now I am exploring the possibility to use Together from Reinvented Software or Yojimbo from Bare Bones Software, since I am only using Apple products and do not need a cross-platform note managment software. Both those products advertise many features that Evernote has. I have not yet tested those softwares, but it seems that Together can import painlessly all notes from Evernote! I have been familiar with Bare Bones Software in many years because their BBEdit is the best professional HTML and text editor for macOS, but I have not yet tried their Yojimbo. Best regards, Aleksandar
  6. I will also report that my Evernote (v8.1.352228) is too slow to the point of being useless on my iPhone 6 and iPad mini 2. I have tried reinstalling the app, but it did not resolve the issue. I have used Evernote (premium member) in three years and was very satisfied with this excellent app until the version 8. I hate to go over to another app because Evernote has so many good features, such as an excellent web clipper, cross platform sync, etc. This extreme slowness is a killer. I hope this issue will be soon resolved. Best regards, Aleksandar
  7. My question was about the removal of the feature to view tags in the preview of a note, and not about the removal of my duplicated post. Before the version 8, you could see the associated tags of a note in its preview. I find it odd that this feature was removed. Can you please give me the link of release notes where it is said about this issue? Best regards, Aleksandar
  8. Very good that this feature will be back. In previous versions of Evernote, you could see tags in the preview of a note. Why was this removed? Best regards, Aleksandar
  9. Hello, In Evernote for iOS (iPad, iPhone), you could see in the preview of a note its associated tags. In Evernote 8 for iOS, this is not more available. I wonder why have they removed tags in the preview of a note. There should be an option where you could choose which elements can be seen in the preview of a note. Now you could only choose images and texts, but not tags. Best regards, Aleksandar
  10. I would have liked to open Evernote app on my Mac similarly as I do on my iOS devices (iPhone or iPad). On my iOS devices I enter a simple passcode. I am surprised that this is not available for Evernote on Mac, since a Mac can be shared by family members (wife, children, etc). Solutions such as signing out of Evernote app is not so simple. You have to enter both username and password, together with a 2-step verification code. Constantly signing out and in would be too cumbersome. A simple 4-digit passcode would hold. It is interesting that passcode is available in Evernote for iOS devices and these devices are password protected. You must unlock an iOS device in order to use it. However, a Mac is usually unlocked if it is shared among family members. If you share a computer with your family, the computer is "open" for use. My point is that it is more necessary to have a passcode for Evernote on desktop computers or laptops, than on iOS devices (or android devices). Some has suggested to have a guest account or that each member of family has its own account. The problem is that some software, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, are pestering with notifications across the user accounts, and even prompt for passwords! My 10-year-old kid (on his account) was very confused by such pestering notifications. So, having multiple accounts is not an ideal solution for my needs. A simple passcode would hold.
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