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  1. I can't agree with this post more strongly. I have always resisted moving to a paid plan with Evernote because although I find the syncing, nested notebooks and tagging functions incredibly useful, the editor constantly drives me nuts. Every few years someone says something about fixing it, and usually it just gets worse. I mean, it's basically an HTML editor, for crying out loud, but they can't even iron the bugs out, let alone add useful features like styles, markdown, or even superscript. Personally, I'd settle for being able to hand-edit the code so I could at least tidy up the mess, but although most embedded HTML editors will let you do that, Evernote won't. I know there's probably some weird XML in there because Evernote have tried to add all sorts of bells and whistles to notes, but seriously, it just suggests a company that doesn't care about getting the foundations right. By trying to force me to pay for a useful but insanely frustrating product, what Evernote are really doing is forcing me to take my frustrations seriously. If they fixed the basics, I would pay without hesitation. Multi-platform note-taking with good organization and search tools is extremely handy. But you have to get the basics right. Time to look for a new option.
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