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  1. I would certainly appreciate a few more price tiers or an a la carte approach. I am a Basic plan user and don't require any more than that, however, the two device limit is going to bit a bit of a nuisance. I thought about going to the Plus plan but in Australia that is $6 a month and the Premium plan $10 (cheaper on a yearly subscription, of course). I probably only save about 15 to 20 documents a month so on the Plus plan that works out at 30 to 40 cents each, a bit stiff I thought. When I went into my account to deregister some of my devices I received an offer of 50% off of the Premium plan for the first year. This made it only slightly cheaper than the Plus plan so didn't really help. Now if they had offered 50% off of the Plus plan I may have given that serious consideration. For now I am going to see how it goes with the two device limit.
  2. I've been a Basic plan Evernote user for a few years and find it useful. However, I am not a heavy user and can sometimes go a few weeks without using it. I have it on more than two devices but due to low usage cannot justify spending $Aus. $50.00 a year for the Plus plan. I realize the company has to make money to be a viable business but surely they can come up with some lower priced plan for us occasional users. I'm not asking for an increase in the monthly storage limit as that seems adequate but the main complaint from the Basic users in this forum is in the two device limit. I'm sure a good percentage of them wouldn't mind paying a small price to see the limit removed or increased.
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