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  1. Just experienced this as well... re-downloading a 30GB database. Argh!!
  2. SVG support is a must-have, the benefits of smaller file sizes and sharper visuals is a no brainer
  3. Hi guys To outline my observations: Universal search I have to echo others’ sentiments that the loss of single search across personal and business notebooks is a step in the wrong direction — the single thing I do several times a day, without fail, is to jump into Evernote..hit CMD-J and enter my string confident that I’m searching across all of my content. Universal search is essential to the Evernote experience. That said, points raised indicating that seeing personal results in search in the middle of a business presentation may not be desirable, however in that case I’d suggest providing the ability to limit the scope of search (much as we currently have the option to do within specific notebooks) Tabs Tabs are great, however others have also noted that the current tab titles don’t assist in identifying what each tab contains, I’d suggest using Note titles rather than Notebook titles for the tabs High-resolution (retina) image display in the Mac and iOS clients Then, while I’m at it I may as well mention a previously existing feature which has been missing for some time now. I use the Mac client of Evernote on a retina-display MacBook Pro. In the past I was able to drop retina-compatible images (i.e images with a resolution of 144 pixels/inch) and Evernote would respect the image’s dimensions. By that I mean the image would appear as it should (at 2x pixel density). The dimensions were also retained in the iOS versions of Evernote. Now when I drag an image into Evernote, the set resolution isn’t respected and I have to manually resize my images to roughly half the size they appear. Furthermore if I happen to make edits via an iOS Evernote client, then the images default back to double the size requiring me to manually resize again. This was one of those edge cases where Evernote illustrated its level of polish and elegant execution and now it feels like this little detail fell off the QA wagon. Please pick it up and put it back guys?
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