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  1. When you login in to Evernote Web, there is a username and password field, and every single time I type in my account info, and every single time it errors out because the login page isn't a login page at all -- it's a create account page. I understand you want to make life easy for people trying to sign up, but it is very frustrating to your existing users. You create an account one time. You login (hopefully) hundreds of times. You could easily configure the login page to accept existing logins AND new account creations. If a login attempt fails and the username isn't taken, create an account. There are a number of other ways to handle it too if you don't like that, but forcing an extra click and an extra page load for every single existing user every single time they login is a consistent, though minor, frustration. With enough of these minor frustrations people will leave. I love the product, and I hope this feedback helps improve it. Keep up the good work.
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