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  1. The "alternative" would be for Evernote to offer the "free" functions to unlimited devices for $25 (one time fee) or $1-2/month! NOT an alternative program lexushoops.
  2. Evernote on my IOS and Mac has two very useful features for me: (1) Access to my notes on ALL my devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop), and (2) ability to search and find the information I've added whenever I need it. All the other "improvements" being added by the software development team are, for me, unneeded and unwanted (just make it more complicated). Why not offer a less expensive option (1 time purchase for $20-40, or $2.00-2.50/month) which just keeps the basic functions but makes them accessible to all the devices? Let the professional users buy the more complicated and expensive version. I like the simple version, but I want it easily accessible when I need it (e.g., to find a reservation confirmation # while traveling, to recall a contact's full name, etc.). How about it, Evernote?
  3. Evernote has TWO extremely useful attributes for me: (1) syncing between all my devices, (2) ability to search all the notes and quickly retrieve material I need. Most of the "new" features being added by the developers are not needed, or even WANTED, by me. I would gladly pay $25/year just to keep and find data on all my devices (or $50 one time permanent purchase). I will NOT pay $7.99/month (or even $3.99/month) for features I do not want or use! I understand wanting to make a profit out of this software, but please give us a less expensive alternative! Thanks for listening/considering this. DickReitz
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