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  1. The "alternative" would be for Evernote to offer the "free" functions to unlimited devices for $25 (one time fee) or $1-2/month! NOT an alternative program lexushoops.
  2. Evernote on my IOS and Mac has two very useful features for me: (1) Access to my notes on ALL my devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop), and (2) ability to search and find the information I've added whenever I need it. All the other "improvements" being added by the software development team are, for me, unneeded and unwanted (just make it more complicated). Why not offer a less expensive option (1 time purchase for $20-40, or $2.00-2.50/month) which just keeps the basic functions but makes them accessible to all the devices? Let the professional users buy the more complicated and expensive
  3. Evernote has TWO extremely useful attributes for me: (1) syncing between all my devices, (2) ability to search all the notes and quickly retrieve material I need. Most of the "new" features being added by the developers are not needed, or even WANTED, by me. I would gladly pay $25/year just to keep and find data on all my devices (or $50 one time permanent purchase). I will NOT pay $7.99/month (or even $3.99/month) for features I do not want or use! I understand wanting to make a profit out of this software, but please give us a less expensive alternative! Thanks for listen
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