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  1. Yeah, but it keep insisting to correct stuff I write. The OS autocorrects gets it if I insist that what I write is true but Evernote keeps going back and correcting no matter how many times I delete and type again what I want the text to be. For example. I have a friend name "Sagi". If I type Sagi, it corrects it to Sage. I delete the 'e' and type 'i'. It corrects it to Sage again. I delete the 'e' and type 'i' and it corrects it to Sage again. In an endless cycle of annoyance and frustration. This is NOT THE MAC OS BEHAVIOR. Go to Notes and try it. After the first correction it stop
  2. Autocomplete when I'm writing notes is usually helpful but sometimes I write words that autocomplete does not agree with. For example, customer names or foreign words. That's when autocomplete kicks in and corrects them. BUT, if I go back and change the correction back to what I want the word to be or I undo and write it again, autocomplete insists on fixing the word again! Don't do that. I know what I'm doing so don't fix the word again. If I fixed the autocomplete, let it go. Every other text editor out there is not that stubborn.
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