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  1. Hi @scruggles I understand that it takes time if your infrastructure is not fine but at least pay attention to the highest voted posts here. Otherwise this just remains a joke.
  2. Hi I contacted customer support and I got this. By this it does not look like it was placed on backlog. Or was it?
  3. Hi @scruggles How about releasing a tentative roadmap with the tentative in bold and maybe a disclaimer that it is tentative? That should clear things up with people. The silence about what and if evernote is ever going to work on something is really bad. See this tweet for example that I did a few days back. The exact same thing that is being mentioned here. I have encountered many bugs but don't report them because it feels like I am talking to a wall. I was thinking of trying premium for a lot of time, started a few days back and have encountered 4-5 bugs which I am not sure whether I should report or not because it seems like I am wasting my time by writing the stuff. Evernote should seriously consider posting a blog like JetBrains did. https://blog.jetbrains.com/blog/2015/09/04/we-are-listening/ because most of the people feel that Evernote is not listening.
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