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  1. @TylerWilliams This is a really good thing that I also suggested Hope this is done.
  2. I switched my one account to the old one but the other newer one does not have the option to do that. How do I use the old version for the new account also?
  3. You know this is the best comment that I have seen. I was not using Evernote web so much back then and did not even know that the old version was so nice. The new one looks modern but compared to the functionality here the new one is nothing.
  4. What exactly is in the new editor experience? When will it be rolled out to everyone?
  5. Just want this post to remain on top of the forum so that people see it.
  6. The issue was handed over to the technical team. Now need to wait. Let's see how long.
  7. Also what do you "generally been directed at the desktop teams"? Didn't get that.
  8. The problem with multi account approach is that it is messy because Evernote has weird limitations of not allowing me to add new tags to a shared notebook. And spreading things around goes against the idea of evernote in the first place. Work around can be done. Multiple accounts is a work around that I am using. But that is not really convenient. Say I am sitting with a colleague and I we are working on something. Both of us looking at the screen. I need to look up something and I search. Now the search also turns up some notes that are in the private category. And the situation may turn odd. Usually when I am at home and using my laptop I login into the premium account on the web. Now the first thing in the morning I have to remember that I need to logout premium account and login the basic/public account. If I forget and I open up the tab Evernote web turns up all notes by default in the order created. It usually contains private category and public category. Say I want someone's help and let someone sit on my workstation with me standing behind. They want to access the article that I was just reading. But hey I cannot let them do that as search can turn up things that I don't them to be able to see. I can go on with the use case basing on Evernote's motto "The more you keep in Evernote the better it gets". But lack of some features make it inconvenient.
  9. I guess people don't vote because Evernote team does not reply. I don't see any comments that they are thinking about things.
  10. It should be possible to add a checkbox to turn on or off this feature in settings.
  11. I can always change the tags but this should not be a very big thing to change and can make evernote more intuitive.
  12. Hi Or being able to mark some notebooks as private and a need to re-renter password before anything (search, context, tags etc.) is shown from the private notebooks. Let me explain the reasoning/use case of why anyone would ever want this feature. I have a premium account and I have started keeping articles, notes in evernote. But before that I was using evernote for private stuff - diary. Now I want to use evernote during my work also to access the public stuff (articles etc. mentioned earlier) and add to them. Now I don't want to have my diary open at my work station. But I want my stuff to be at one place (the reason I am using evernote in the first place). So it would be great if I could mark some notebooks as private and nothing from them shows up till I manually go and unlock them using my password. Currently the only way I could do that was by putting all the public stuff into a public notebook and sharing it with a dummy evernote account that I log in during my work. My organization does not use evernote business and I am not even remotely interested in trying to convince anyone to start using evernote right now because of the following we are primary linux based the web client is not good enough So please don't suggest to go for Evernote business.
  13. Got a mail from evernote support. They were able to reproduce the issue. And I hope that this is fixed ASAP because for a company saying things like forever losing things is serious. Posting everything here so it remains public. Before choosing to go premium with evernote I had read that evernote loses data. Even more appalling was Evernote's silence on this. I just hope that Evernote takes all data loss issues spread around seriously. I wish to go full in with Evernote like keeping everything in evernote but so far due to all these articles on the internet and Evernote's silence on these has left me a little skeptical. It seems a great service but till someone in their public relations realizes that the silence is not great and is actually causing some trust issues and/or they start showing actual progress with their Web client (which I have no option but to use for majority of my day as I use linux for my work) it's hard to go full in.
  14. Hi I think the title says it all. I understand that the present mode exists but it isn't exactly suited for reading. After recently upgrading to premium I have started keeping pdfs and articles in evernote and when trying to read them I try to maximize my reading space. The Present mode does not work with pdfs as I cannot change pages while I am in present mode.
  15. Hi It would be great if the tag autocomplete works in a better way when adding tags to the note. Currently it starts from the first alphabet e.g. I have tags the following 3 tags - > apple, green apple, black apple If I type a then the autocomplete just shows me apple. It would be great if it also shows the other 2 options. I use multi word tags and sometimes I am trying to type from the 2nd word. I know it is a small thing to start typing from the beginning but it would be more intuitive if it works like this. Thanks Aseem Bansal
  16. Had received an update from the evernote support team that they are trying to reproduce the issue on 16 July. Let's see.
  17. Hi @gazumped Ticket# 1728428 It is a bug. I forgot to add that after this happens in the web version it also vanished from my Windows client after sync. Also sometimes after I clipped the article and opened it directly in evernote web I can actually see it blink i.e. after clipping I see full content and then in a second half of the content is gone right in front of my eyes. Like when a web page is loading and content loads. In this case it just seems to unload/vanish (?).
  18. Seems like a bug in Evernote Web I was able to reproduce the issue. The steps that I followed were Use Evernote Web clipper to clip the article at http://flowingdata.com/2008/02/15/how-to-read-and-use-a-box-and-whisker-plot/ Open the newly created note in Evernote Windows. It is fine till now Open the newly created note in Evernote Web. Now the articles is half missing.
  19. I have raised a support request but have not received anything from them. Went to the Windows client and checked note history. The old note was being shown in history but it was not showing up in history on the web/Android (I don't remember which one). So one of Android/Web client is messing this up.
  20. It was a simplified article clip. I had read it in evernote. It was the complete article earlier but now it is not the complete article. Similar for some other articles also.
  21. I clip articles into evernote. Sometimes they don't clip properly at the first time for which I have raised an issue and tweeted also. Today I found that some articles that I had clipped earlier have also gone half missing. Multiple articles.
  22. Hi @scruggles I understand that it takes time if your infrastructure is not fine but at least pay attention to the highest voted posts here. Otherwise this just remains a joke.
  23. Hi I contacted customer support and I got this. By this it does not look like it was placed on backlog. Or was it?
  24. Hi @scruggles How about releasing a tentative roadmap with the tentative in bold and maybe a disclaimer that it is tentative? That should clear things up with people. The silence about what and if evernote is ever going to work on something is really bad. See this tweet for example that I did a few days back. The exact same thing that is being mentioned here. I have encountered many bugs but don't report them because it feels like I am talking to a wall. I was thinking of trying premium for a lot of time, started a few days back and have encountered 4-5 bugs which I am not sure whether I should report or not because it seems like I am wasting my time by writing the stuff. Evernote should seriously consider posting a blog like JetBrains did. https://blog.jetbrains.com/blog/2015/09/04/we-are-listening/ because most of the people feel that Evernote is not listening.
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