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  1. Evernote (307671) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483) on Windows 10 crashes a lot. Everytime I open it that crashes once and sends a report. Then it opens. I thought that would get fixed in 6.15 as this was a problem introduced in 6.14 GA. But based on the release you have not added any stability updates. Is that being fixed?

  2. As there are a lot of people here who are frustrated with the way Evernote is taking feedback and just keeps on saying "We will look into that and never actually doing anything" I thought we can discuss the various Pros and Cons of the alternatives of Evernote. Hoping for no long rants but pros and cons of various alternatives. 

  3. On 9/27/2016 at 8:59 AM, Chantal Leonard said:
    • Google Drive Integration: Instead of pasting messy links to files, Evernote now includes thumbnail previews of Drive Content. You can also search your Drive from Evernote. Changes to files in Drive will sync automatically with your notes. There's even a handy icon in the Evernote toolbar to jump right into your Drive.



    And you ignored the part about making it clear that this is title only search. It is a big difference.

  4. On 9/22/2016 at 8:09 PM, jbenson2 said:

    The current description does not offer much assistance. I don't see any mention that it only searches GD titles. And I do not see any Evernote "rich viewing experience" with my GD PDF's.


    Evernote team needs to make the part about only searching the titles clear in the release notes. Currently, it is very fuzzy and most people won't think this is title-only. When I saw google drive integration I thought this is great. But then I was told this is title only search.

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  5. On 5/14/2016 at 2:18 AM, briancaldwell said:

    I'm curious about one thing. Do you prefer Evernote for Web more than Evernote for Mac or Windows native apps? Do you use the Web app most of the time? Is there a specific thing that you like about using Evernote for Web more than our native clients?

    Evernote for Windows is better but as I have to spend most of time on linux I don't have a choice to use the web version

  6. On 8/25/2016 at 3:53 AM, Ray Sidney-Smith said:

    That's unfortunate for new Evernote users! I just created a demo account and tried to browse to https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action?disableBeta= to see if I could disable the beta version and it didn't work. I wonder if an Evernote Basic user could request Evernote Support to "revert" their account back to the old Web client. Thanks for clarifying, @Metrodon

    I had tried that on an account. Seriously they should allow that as long as they don't make the new interface properly functional. @scruggles something to consider.

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  7. On 8/17/2016 at 8:50 PM, gazumped said:

    Hi.  Sorry to sound unhelpful but 'using local storage for future syncing' is kinda the main added benefit of the installed version - which isn't available for your OS.  You might need to consider alternatives - including Google Drive if necessary.  Evernote has that new GDrive integration so you can edit and save files from your client note,  and with GDrive you're working directly on the original file,  while with Evernote (I believe) there's a short period when you're still working and before the content saves.  If there's a hiccup in service Evernote is busy trying to preserve the content of your note,  hence the multiple copies.  Using GDrive through Evernote might be an option - as would be moving a customer's files to local storage on your desktop,  editing as necessary and moving them back to Evernote after a visit.

    @gazumped 'using local storage for future syncing' is kinda a big benefit of web applications which are built considering bad internet connections. Bad internet connections are a reality. And good products think about these cases. A good example is google drive. I can edit and access all my documents offline. The developers at evernote should google for Progressive Web Applications. 

    18 hours ago, gazumped said:

    The web version is functioning (within limits) perfectly well.  It sounds like the non-functional bit is the web connection,  which is kinda out of Evernote's hands.  In normal circumstances using native apps isn't required.  You're the one having notes disappear.  I know some of my clients wouldn't think much of me if I had problems on their turf - even if I could blame faulty software or connections.  Some of my suggestions might be belt plus braces and a parachute;  but end of the day it's your choice what steps to take.

    @gazumped No it is not functioning perfectly well. I have had this problem and you know how it feels trying to delete 25 odd copies in the web version of evernote looking at which of these actually have the stuff that I really want. Deleting all of them when I cannot delete multiple notes at once? 

    It is very much in Evernote's hands if they actually want to do it. This is technically feasible and is not rocket science. I have reported this to evernote via their twitter account but did not get anything. I have also stopped writing things directly in evernote web because it is not reliable.

    @scruggles Would you like to add something to this discussion?

  8. On 7/23/2016 at 5:58 AM, Waco Ed said:

    I fully agree. I should be able to lock Evernote with a pass code if I want to. That should be an option in these security-conscious times we live in with every instance of Evernote I have. But it's not.

    Evernote on my Android phone and tablet have a pass code. Evernote on my Mac laptop does not offer a pass code. Why? Yes, Evernote is for millions of users. Good. I'm happy it's successful and will be around in the future. I depend on Evernote for archiving important documents. Just make using a pass code optional for those of us who want to use it. For those who don't, they don't have to activate the pass code function. How hard is that?

    I hope you upvoted the thread. It would help if people actually upvote this.

  9. 18 hours ago, scruggles said:

    Hi Aseem! Does this work in other clients? Might be something that we don't support for now.

    Have only checked in evernote web so far. But it is kind of weird. From a technical perspective searching a text file should be much easier than searching a pdf. 

    Can you check whether this is supported or not? Should I raise a bug or just consider this as a feature request?

  10. 1 hour ago, gazumped said:

    Hi.  This thread started out about Evernote Web,  and @scruggles meant (I think) that password requests are usually for the installed desktop product as @Waco Ed has confirmed.  Plus @Aseem Bansal started this thread by looking for some way to mark individual Notebooks (Notes?) "private" which doesn't necessarily say 'password' to me.  Evernote might be looking at other ways to satisfy the various requests they've had.

    However I apologise for being probably too negative in my first response.  It's not a question of "just" making something available - there are thousands of requests in the pipeline for mindmapping / tag management / colors / etc etc.  I agreed that this is a good request - but Evernote have to prioritize and fit development work into what must by now be a crowded schedule of OS and device bug fixing and maintenance.  They'll put the most popular and potentially customer satisfying features early in the queue.  I don't know where this request will come,  but the more clicks it has in the top right left corner,  the more impact you'll have.  I added mine... but I'm not holding my breath.

    I was thinking password but if they can make it private in some other way I am fine with that. I am not sure how that could work in an alternate way but I think I have added enough details for their product team to make an informed decision. I was thinking protection at the notebook level. 

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