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  1. I've been checking in once a year since I terminated my paid account and migrated to another service a few years ago. Evernote has some really nice features but the lack of multi-select on web is and will always be a blocker for me. This has been requested from various users since at least 2015 but the Evernote team just don't seem to care. It's a pity. One example: Sometimes I wonder if this forum is created by a competitor of Evernote just to piss-off Evenote users by letting them live in a state of chronic ignorance.
  2. Is there no logical connection between a parent and a child tag? When I click on a parent tag I would expect to see all notes carrying that tag as well as notes carrying any of the child tags. Now I only see notes with the given parent tag. What is the use-case for nested tags as implemented today?
  3. Did anyone figure out how to drag and drop tags on other tags when the tag you want to drop on is not visible on screen? Dragging a tag doesn't trigger scroll (at least not on Chrome on linux) so its rather useless if you have more than 10-15 tags. I'm struggling to see how this feature could be implemented in a more useless manner than today. Giving us a way to "hold" some tags while searching for others would have made this feature usable. The lack of multi-select is also driving me nuts. I keep switching between the old and new interface to get things done. The new version is great fo
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