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  1. Yeap, the only one reason for me is the two devices restriction - i use (not often, in a very simple way) evernote on 4 devices (home/work pc, mobile phone, tablet), but want my notes be _ always accessible _(offline too) and without any bugs. P.s. o.m.g. how i hate ms-word/visio and powerpoint, especially due to it's versions "compatibility" and MathType support. In attach - one of example - i just afraid to meet something like this in OneNote. But seems that google it not my way too - "Google Keep doesn’t have a desktop app" says slashgear.com (thanks for ref)
  2. Hi. The question is - what is the best tool to use instead of evernote? (some another *note program) I used evernote for few years, but for few realy simple things like (and don't want pay for it): create text/image note from pc/mobile sort by tags/groups clip pages from web-browser Another important thing is the ability to export notes from evernote to that program. I'm thinking about OneNote, but i "hate" MS-office. Thanks for advise. P.s. Thanks to evernote for few years of good experience. But new price, 2000 rubles per year, - no thanks..
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