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  1. I am currently using an app called listbook on ios to bring my shopping list to the grocery store and other stores. The app only allows 10 items to be listed in lock screen, then I have to unlock the phone and look into the app to see the rest, then go get the next item, then unlock, then go get next item, then unlock... yes I know I sometimes have a bad memory but it just seems convenient to have everything directly on the todays notice list when I swipe down without unlocking the phone, and I would like the app to show the full list with checkboxes to mark them as done on each item as I move
  2. Hi Just wanted to ask someone, it´s 8.35 here now CST time and the evernote support chat button does not work on the support page. I have paid for premium account, is there something I am missing here? Thanks in advance!
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