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  1. WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Just 6 days before my membership lapsed! Now I have to decide if I'm too hooked on Notion or not. THANK YOU EVERNOTE!
  2. I've joined the ranks and cancelled my premium subscription that would be renewing next month because of the lack of a dark mode and a developer response about it. I've been using Notion for about a month now. It's cheaper and has more of the features that are useful for me. I mainly need a place to put my daily work journals. Support for markdown and programming language-specific code formatting are particularly useful for me. And of course, it has a dark mode. The main downside, of course, is that I have so many notes built up in Evernote. Notion has a way to import them but I haven't yet tried it.
  3. Almost every development IDE or text editor for code has a dark mode. Surely some of the Evernote devs use dark mode for their code. I don't think the blame for this lack of response is with the developers, but with management. Of course, the disclaimer on the feature request forum says that popularity doesn't mean implementation. That's fair. But In the CEO's message about layoffs, there were repeated mentions of being customer-driven, e.g., "These changes are designed to create more customer-focused teams and allow us to deliver product experiences at greater velocity and higher quality." Well let's have it then! This feature request forum is a great way to organize what the customers want. This feature is literally the top of the list.
  4. https://www.engadget.com/amp/2018/09/19/evernote-job-cuts-flat-user-growth/ All the threats in this thread about switching to another product or ceasing the paid tier haven’t been empty. I’m sticking with it but still anxiously awaiting the implementation of this 7-year old, nearly top voted request.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Checking it out now, also because it has a dark theme. It looks quite nice!
  6. macOS Mojave is now including a system wide dark mode. Hopefully this prompts Evernote to conform and provide an optional dark mode for all platforms (but at least for macOS at first).
  7. So it would be a dark theme with ugly white-background clipped images in it. That's fine with us! It can be left to the user to invert the color of any clipped images they put in there if they want to go to the trouble. We understand that asking Evernote to do that as a built-in feature would be difficult because of how bad a direct color inversion is likely to look so it'd be really hard to optimize. But at least give us the option to have a dark theme and let us deal with images.
  8. That's why I said it "seems" like it would be a simple fix rather than stating that I knew it would be, but as a developer myself I do have some idea of the complexity. I also didn't say it was urgent. I've since flipped all my notes around so that more recent stuff comes first, following the solution proposed by many people here. The (minor) annoyance now is that in the web app, when you drag in a photo it always goes to the bottom of the note. That's not a problem on the native apps fortunately.
  9. I think it should just be an option in the settings for the desktop app and mobile apps. The user just sets a preference. I found this thread because I'm also a top down note taker and even though I do use many notes, some of them end up getting long as I take daily notes on a particular piece of a project. It's really annoying have to scroll all the way down after a resync to get drawings I did on my iPad Pro to show up in the Desktop app. First world problems, but it seems like it'd be a very simple fix for the developers.
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