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  1. In my case the msi file was missing on my machine but your suggestion led me to another solution. The dowload of the current evernote (6.4.2) puts an msi file for the new version in c:\users\<your folder>\AppData\Local\Temp If you browse to that location directly you can right click on the Evernote.msi file and click "Install" which allowed the Evernote install to complete without trying to update. .MSI files typically have command line switches as well which you could use to force the update but I didn't need to use them in this case. Also Note: In order to see the .msi files in the aforementioned directory you'll need to make sure your Operating System (mine is windows 7) has "Show Hidden Files and Directors" enabled.
  2. So I'm paying for the application but I have to hack the search feature myself ? This is bad. Being able to find my notes quickly was the whole point of Evernote for me. I paid for the subscription based on the pitch being that search would be better. I appreciate you giving use the regkey hack but this is not better. You'd be better off sending out a patch where that key gets pushed to make search all as the default and let users use the existing UI to narrow down.
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