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  1. Oh, ignore the text below. I just logged in with another mail of mine. Didn't know I had more than one account. I found my stuff. THX! [Hm, I'm not sure. I only have one account, if I remember right. I logged in with one of my mails that seemed to be logical, and a password. And it logged in, but it started with a tutorial and what not... I'm sure I didn't "create" an account since that would take longer than filling in the email and a password, I suppose. I guess I'm gonna try to log in with some of my other mails.]
  2. Hi, I lost my phone. Now I logged in on evernote on my backup phone. And now on my windows computer. But there are no notes and actually nothing in my account. My account is suddenly completely empty. And it says this account is activated only today. :/ There were notes on the windows app before, so it did synchronize. Hope someone can help me.
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