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  1. o wow thanks so much its working now! really it was so helpful thank you!
  2. so the web version is working fine, but the application for mac desktop is the one that has all the data reset. I did all the possible step, including uninstalling and reinstalling the app...
  3. I use evernote on my galaxy and Mac, and everything was working properly. Because my mac is a bit old, it sometimes freezes out of blue, and rebooting often works fine. One time, the freezing occurred while I was writing notes in evernote, and I rebooted as I normally do. When I started evernote, everything was reset: the notes, view setting(?), and trashcan. The font setting and other settings were remaining the same. All the other application were working fine, so I checked web evernote and phone app, and all the notes were there. The sync button on mac seems to work
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