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  1. Thanks for responding. My post was stuck in moderation for so long I lost track of it. Printing to file gives me a postscript file with much more markup than the html exported variant. What I ended up doing was using a 3rd party widget (ever2simple) to bulk convert my notes to text format. It took some manual cleanup to get them renamed and organized into a dropbox folder tree, but I am back to having usable notes on all my devices. The downside being I have to use device specific editors and rely on the search capabilities of each device, but solving that problem was not worth $4/mon
  2. Looking for a good tool to export my notes to simple txt or rtf. I was on the fence at $3/month, at $4 I'm out. I only use sync and search, but I have lots and lots of devices, so I'll go back to using discrete files and some random file sync service. But I need to get my data back into a standard editable text format. html doesn't count. Suggestions?
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