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  1. Interesting discussions. From ravings of love for Evernote to dissing us free users - yes, I use the free version. I just need notes - just notes - that I can share across my devices. Evernote has been great for that, although not accessing offline is a pain (unless I pay of course). So, now I am faced with a dilemma - pay for a basic thing that I need, or go. Someone said that we don't generate revenue - perhaps that may be so. However, to reel users in and get them hooked, what better than a free version? With all the devices we have to work with, having it over my phone, laptop and ipad has been great. The limitation of two devices is a death knell for me. So yes, I am leaving to One Note. I have to say, I read one blog today that said there was a $25 annual plan for effectively what I would need - and I went looking to pay and sign up so I wouldn't take time out of my day to deal with changing. But that was not the case. So, I migrated my notes and switched. Perhaps the posters that believe the free users, like myself, won't have any impact on Evernote as they leave. I guess that will be seen over time.
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