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  1. Hi! Having a list like this: one two when I select this list and click { } icon to convert it into a block of code the output is: - one - two but I my opinion should be: 1. one 2. two
  2. Hi! -> When I go to a notebook -> select `share` rolled list -> perss `share notebook` the window popup contains only the title. As shown on an attached screen. This way one can share notebook, but cannot unshare... I've checked if its works on firefox - it works fine. Chrome: Version 55.0.2883.87 (64-bit) for linux
  3. annotation: I've done short research and it's probably problem with chrome (not its extinctions) only for some types of omniboxes (evernote web). alt+a make undo command (clear all thing was just typed in a sessions). A similar problem was reported for chromium (but alt+a works properly for me): https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=238105 I've reported it for chrome (anonymous report)
  4. I'm sorry, I made mistake. I mean evernote web, not windows application. So i don't know why, but only in evernote notes opened in wen alt+z causes problems - it deletes whole line...its extremely annoying. I've just check if it comes from chrome settings but everywhere exept evernote, it works fine. Could you help me by some ideas please? Mieszko
  5. Hi, i would like to suggest that making shortcuts like (right) alt+z, alt+s, ..+x, +l, +c, +o, +a, +e is very bad idea. These combinations are reserved for our national letters! Hope this would be helpfull and you will remove this "features" Mieszko
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