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  1. And Microsoft has announced as of July 11, 2017 they are discontinuing support for Windows Phone 8.1. I wouldn't be surprised if Windows Phone 10 is added later in the year. And Microsoft gave no notice. Before lashing out at Evernote for discontinuing support, understand it was for business reasons and to face the reality that Android and iOS dominate the mobile market. Ultimately, Windows Phone is another casualty of the iPhone, and later Android smartphones, which completely upended the mobile phone industry a decade ago. Just ask BlackBerry, Nokia, or Palm.
  2. You can still access and use Evernote across all other major platforms. The market share of Windows Phone is less than 1% and as a business decision it makes more sense for Evernote to devote those humans and resources to improving the application across PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. It's not just Evernote that's leaving Windows Phone behind. PayPal, Amazon, and even Bank of America have stopped supporting the platform (although BoA did come back for Windows 10). More developers are devoting their resources to the other major platforms. If the decision to drop support really bothers you and you are eligible for a refund, then please reach out to Evernote Support. The Evernote app for PC and Web have gone through vast improvements, so if you have access to these outside your Windows Phone or Blackberry device, then I highly advise using them more. OneNote may be free, but you'll be losing a dedicated support team and many other features that Microsoft doesn't offer.
  3. You can continue to use the application on these devices. This notice is just stating no app updates or customer support will be offered after this date. The adoption rate of Blackberry and Windows Phone is much smaller compared to the Android/iOS, Mac and PC clients. While each person has their personal preference, it made more sense to shift resources to further improving the Evernote app for the other major clients.
  4. This notice is just letting you know that Evernote Customer Support will no longer support these clients after the given date. You can continue to use the app, but no future updates or support will be offered if writing in for help. It's difficult to make each user happy with their preferred client and sometimes tough decisions have to be made. The shifting of these resources will further improve the other major clients.
  5. Herbert, Evernote Touch was discontinued a while back. While the touch interface can be useful, it wasn't the best experience for note taking. Touch features on desktop computers has never fully taken off either, so it made more sense to focus on the PC, Mac, iOS, and Android clients that dominate the market. I understand every person has their own personal preference when it comes to what devices they like, but Evernote made this decision to improve the product on its core platforms and discontinue support for the clients where there was very little user adoption rates in.
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