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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Since it is lightly used (maybe an hour a day total of actual input time from everybody combined and not that much overlap) the 3-people sharing has been no problem to date, but I do agree that it is a bit of kludge solution. However the idea of using shared notebooks (i.e. pretty much every notebook would have to be shared) is interesting. I tend to doubt that sharing notebooks gets by the new basic limitation of two devices (does it?) and the three people are definitely working with about five devices total. And the higher level has some other features,
  2. Thanks for the info and the Readiris info. For Windows, Abbyy Screenshot Reader is an incredible program, usually about $15, maybe up to $30 if there is no sale, but that is a one-time expense for many years, they have never pulled an upgrade game afaik. And I have been using it for years on google book extracts and similar things. Includes lots of language support. Unobstrusive little box on the edge of the screen (I use a program to keep an edge free, right now MaxMax, but it is sort of dormant, there are others) or activate it from here or there. And it works excellently on doing a pi
  3. Yes, it is sparse as is and that extra interface pizazz would help. Perhaps some of the wording and documentation was written when the "old web client" had a bit more pizazz in terms of interface and the side panel made it more of a pseudo home-screen? However, I am learning that any time I am at home on a Windows puter, simply to have an Evernote desktop pinned to the taskbar and only work with the web on a lark. I am quite happy working with the Desktop client. And having it nicely accessible on the ipad or android is very nice, especially little cut-and-pastes. I do wonder if th
  4. Just to be clear, it is true that the Windows desktop client shows a nice "home page" that is not in browser or the android or iOS apps. Do we agree on that? I am talking about the page that you see here: Windows Desktop https://evernote.com/evernote/guide/windows/ It has a view of the Notebooks, the Notes in one book, and the note being worked on. Steven
  5. I simply like the navigation view, eg. seeing the names of all the notebooks, while the notes for one notebook is open. Some of the documentation talks of returning to the home screen, it was not clear that the picture they showed was only a desktop client pic. That said, there really is no problem if that home screen is only on the desktop client. Steven
  6. Hi, Windows 7 question, using Firefox or Chrome or other. I can navigate well in notebooks and notes, but when I am there and want to go the home screen, which is mentioned in the documentation, I see no obvious way. Since I closed the program and then reopened Evernote on a note, the back button of the browser would not go there, even if I was there before. If there is a home screen, where is it? Is it possible that the home screen, and home button, is only on the desktop client? (I just downloaded the client and see it there, I really thought I saw it once on the web Eve
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