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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Since it is lightly used (maybe an hour a day total of actual input time from everybody combined and not that much overlap) the 3-people sharing has been no problem to date, but I do agree that it is a bit of kludge solution. However the idea of using shared notebooks (i.e. pretty much every notebook would have to be shared) is interesting. I tend to doubt that sharing notebooks gets by the new basic limitation of two devices (does it?) and the three people are definitely working with about five devices total. And the higher level has some other features, so we would in most cases need to have one higher account anyway. We are new, we are used to dealing with somewhat pricey collaboration tools, and then saying goodbye, and see no problem at all even with the higher pricing, except at the biz level, about which I saw some note about $10/mo per person instead of $20, which would be nice if it was not a synapse flash on my part. Overall, Evernote has been a "hit" after many project manager and CRM and kanban sputter starts. Since we have the higher account, (pro or premium) , I could try the sharing method myself, with my personal Basic account, and if it works, suggest it for the other two people involved. Then they could function the same way but be doing it with separate sign-ons and a degree of locking, perhaps. Maybe a better history? The rest of the post I may have more thinking on later. I do understand the sparse thing, google of course has fought to keep their search screen simple as an example, the problem was that it was sparse even when I really wanted to know what the program does. I was not taken to a Quickstart or a Feature Review, I saw it and said .. feh. Now I know that it is a very solid structure, what I would call a 3-layer cake, Stacks (if desired) Notebooks and Notes. And with a very visible and searchable index for the notebooks especially, and the visible element really is key to our usage, as long as you give say 10 notes in a notebook sensible titles and title the notebooks well, you can do the hierarchical navigation very easily. This is where, e.g. google docs is a total failure, and why I searched for an improvement. (Allowing that there might be some add-in somewhere that improves Google Docs.) Plus you can combine the two, using Evernote as the master organizer. Steven
  2. Thanks for the info and the Readiris info. For Windows, Abbyy Screenshot Reader is an incredible program, usually about $15, maybe up to $30 if there is no sale, but that is a one-time expense for many years, they have never pulled an upgrade game afaik. And I have been using it for years on google book extracts and similar things. Includes lots of language support. Unobstrusive little box on the edge of the screen (I use a program to keep an edge free, right now MaxMax, but it is sort of dormant, there are others) or activate it from here or there. And it works excellently on doing a pic paste into evernote or getting the ocr from a paste that is in Evernote. Thus, I use the same program for taking the pic of a region (webclipper if you will) or for making an OCR from a pic that is from anywhere. Note: It will not give you that kewl toggle of text and pic in the same box, if that is important. Granted, the toggle feature, wherever it is actually available, has an aesthetic advantage over having both the pic and the text, but often you simply do not need both anyway, after you extract the text you can say bye-bye to the pic, or keep only the url if it is from the web. Just a FYI. This is a case where the external dedicated tool may actually be better, or as good as, an internal application. Steven
  3. Yes, it is sparse as is and that extra interface pizazz would help. Perhaps some of the wording and documentation was written when the "old web client" had a bit more pizazz in terms of interface and the side panel made it more of a pseudo home-screen? However, I am learning that any time I am at home on a Windows puter, simply to have an Evernote desktop pinned to the taskbar and only work with the web on a lark. I am quite happy working with the Desktop client. And having it nicely accessible on the ipad or android is very nice, especially little cut-and-pastes. I do wonder if there is an auto-sync mode upon changes? And do you always have to be conscious of syncing if you might be working on the same note in two places (granted that is the exception in my case). ================== Some Evernote stream of consciousness. I actually have a premium note where three people are sharing the signon to communicate together. We had tried all sorts of project managers and kanban stuff earlier. (Yes, I realize we may be nudging closer to a biz account, where I assume there are independent signons and settings, and the finances are quite a bit different, there should be a mode that is less than $12/month per person.) And I probably would have been an Evernote fan two-four years earlier if the original opening display had been more encouraging, it just felt sparse originally. I do use NoteZilla as well with some overlap and some distinctions. Note: I have no problem with Evernote as a paid program or the Basic limited to two devices (does it count PCs?). And the Plus option costing a few $ a month, i.e. if it is a mainstay note depository.. with various utility. There is another question, mildly related. Let's say I want to have two different Evernote accounts, (one is Premium one is Basic) being able to toggle. Can I have two iterations on the Taskbar and simply toggle that way. Does Evernote stay "smart" on multiple instances? How many, if so? The idea of putting a new user into a non-Basic account is a bit vague as well. That might allow some dual usage, but I have not puzzled that out yet. Steven
  4. Just to be clear, it is true that the Windows desktop client shows a nice "home page" that is not in browser or the android or iOS apps. Do we agree on that? I am talking about the page that you see here: Windows Desktop https://evernote.com/evernote/guide/windows/ It has a view of the Notebooks, the Notes in one book, and the note being worked on. Steven
  5. I simply like the navigation view, eg. seeing the names of all the notebooks, while the notes for one notebook is open. Some of the documentation talks of returning to the home screen, it was not clear that the picture they showed was only a desktop client pic. That said, there really is no problem if that home screen is only on the desktop client. Steven
  6. Hi, Windows 7 question, using Firefox or Chrome or other. I can navigate well in notebooks and notes, but when I am there and want to go the home screen, which is mentioned in the documentation, I see no obvious way. Since I closed the program and then reopened Evernote on a note, the back button of the browser would not go there, even if I was there before. If there is a home screen, where is it? Is it possible that the home screen, and home button, is only on the desktop client? (I just downloaded the client and see it there, I really thought I saw it once on the web Evernote.) Thanks! Steven Avery
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