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  1. I appreciate the ability to create "to do" checklists within notes. What would be really useful is if any to-do checkbox in any note would auto-populate to a "master" to-do list and stay synced (checked, unchecked) between the original to-do item and the master list. Even better would be options associated with that master list to add due dates/reminders/etc. That would eliminate what I do currently, which is to create a to-do item in a note somewhere in Evernote, but then re-create that same to-do in another reminders app (Apple Reminders) so I can track all my to-dos in one spot. Add this option and I'm a Premium user for sure.
  2. Completely agree with this entire thread. I would GLADLY upgrade to Premium if this one feature were improved. I use an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and have to do the same workaround to Notability many mention above. Would really like to be able to keep PDFs in one place, mark them up and store them in the file structure I already have in place inside Evernote. Please put this at the top of your development list.
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