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  1. @DTLow: You're right. Let's go a little bit more specific. I would appreciate an UI, that allows me to place text and pictures anywhere in the note plus the ability to resize them. Look at OneNote, Pages, Keynote, Powerpoint, OmniGraffle, etc. (I'm a Mac user - there is a appropriate selection of Apps on Windows). I have to admit, OneNote is very good at this. Just the like the editing works. On the other side, I consider their skeuomorphistic design of notebooks not as helpful. It's limiting. Furthermore I would like to have an easier linking between notes. If I'm writing in Note A and want to create a link to Note B, I have to stop the editing, leave Note A, go to Note B, copy the link of Note B, go to Note A again, select the position of the link and then have to select the menu Format-Link-Create Link (or Cmd-K) and paste the copied link. I don't think, that's the way the brain works. At least it's not the way my brain works (maybe I'm weird...). I want to select a word, pressing Cmd-K and then select Note B in the sidebar. Yes, the html format is the background. That's the way a Note is saved and displayed, but it doesn't have to be the way it's edited. That's just a start. In saying "Let Evernote works like the brain works" I'm referring to the associative and visual way of thinking. Yeah, it's fuzzy. It should be an inspiration to create something more than "faster horses". A little bit "outside-the-box"-thinking. A kind of mindset to get beyond limits and work-arounds. If not Evernote - what else?
  2. @DTLow @jefito I'm fully aware of the current technical limitations, but they are (hopefully) not carved in stone. I hope it doesn't sound blunt or ignorant, but in the end it's all just pixels on my screen. I try to think in "solutions", not in "problems". Kodak invented the first digital camera in 1975, and they dropped it to avoid threats to their photographic film business. Evernote CEO Chris O'Neil said (not literally): Hey Plus and Premium users - give me 35/70 $ and I'll build you the "Evernote of tomorrow". Henry Ford said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” This is the Evernote Feature Request Forum and I don't want Evernote to be just "a faster horse" or sticking to "traditions" and going down the tube like Kodak. Btw: Yes, they will see my 70 bucks. I'm still here and not on the OneNote waggon with a lot of pathetic whining....
  3. Please correct me, if I'm wrong. But I haven't seen any request to improve EN's layout capabilities right here. I'm a long time premium user. I have tons of notes and I love to have one place for all written notes, ideas, quotes, etc. But I also miss to create advanced layouts. Cooking ideas is more than just writing everything down. I have so many ideas and thoughts in my notebooks, but my associative mind won't find a fast way to connect them or to visualize them. Adding pictures to existing notes is a painful experience because I cannot arrange that the way I want. Inserting and arranging tables in EN is a mess. It's not my intention to jump on the OneNote waggon, but let's face it: ON is not popular because it's free. There are so many Apps to synchronize written notes. One of the main advantages of ON is it's versatile layout capabilities. I can't understand that. It's 2016. Computers, Smartphones and Tablets are so well evolved - and we have no way to get our ideas into these gadgets in a manner like our brain works? Our brains are associative and visual "machines". I don't believe, that EN can compete with dedicated writer's tools (although Markdown support would be appreciated) or with Handwriting-Apps like GoodNotes. But if EN will be able to get more visual, more versatile, more flexible - that would be a great win-win-solution!
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