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  1. Hi everyone - a few feature requests that I was told to post here... I upgrade to Evernote premium largely to be able to mark up PDFs with my Apple Pencil on my iPad. I've noticed significant limitations. First, it's quite cumbersome to switch between interaction methods (e.g., highlighting vs. handwriting) - it's cumbersome to have to click several buttons and make multiple selections to highlight vs. write. This just takes too long when you have a lot of reading/writing. It would be hugely helpful to have multiple notation style icons that remain on screen so you can just click one button to
  2. Thank you folks - apologies for my delay. To answer your questions, I'm on a MacBook Pro desktop, and have since logged out and logged back in. Thank you both for the questions and responses. Any other ideas would be appreciated, and I will follow your link gazumped for reporting the bug - thanks!
  3. Hey folks - not seeing a clear link where to report bugs, so posting here. In short, if I'm typing in a note and have started with text formatted with bold, italics, etc., and then I insert an apostrophe, the formatting is deleted for the text prior to the apostrophe, with no way to add it back on. This means that if I highlight the previously bold text and attempt to add or remove bold formatting, nothing happens. Thanks
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