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  1. This Akreet tool may be good, I would not know: even after linking it to my evernote account, nothing happens. Maybe I have to watch a dozen videos to understand it, but why would I do that without any idea of what it does? The concept looks promising but having spent 10 minutes trying to get the beta to do something, anything - well, I don't get it. I wanted to be impressed but I'm just baffled.
  2. As a newbie I had no idea about the voting system. I only searched google and this thread kept coming up. I only went onto this forum because I now have a solution that works for me and hitherto was not coming up in any google search. Mea culpa, now I know better: if you want Evernote to change something you get it voted for. Fair enough. I can't tell you how many times I searched for this on Google and then finally wrote to Filterize who had a solution all along. If any one else sees this thread on Google please take a moment to join this forum and vote for this change. Thank you.
  3. @gazumped I work in international tax and I am UK based. Sometimes my client wants a call at 1600 PST, 1600 EST or 1600 CET. Hence, I want to be able to set the reminder in the client's point of view - not my own. (Very few clients are in my own timezone.) I do appreciate this is not what Evernote was designed for. Nonetheless, this is how I use it and it works wonders for me. My reminders put slots in my google calendar and the google calendar will have an Evernote note that gives me context. Maybe my use case is rare - but there it is. I like to keep context in Evernote and only use google calendar to plan my day. For every meeting in my calendar I need context and a link to Evernote gives me that context at speed. (Sometimes that context might be an advanced search in Evernote). Also the context evolves so keeping it (the context) in calendar is not as powerful as keeping it in Evernote.
  4. OK, well I literally had to email the guys at Filterize but they got back to me inside 30 minutes. I too would like to know how to get this to work in multiple timezones.
  5. I think if you add the 3 digits for your timezone it would work. using the same rule. I think you'd just need to put in the three letters for your timezone. So 8PM PST would be: 20191028T2000PST I'm just guessing but I think it might work.
  6. There is a way to do this using Filterize. Reading through the thread there appears to be a distinction between those who want to be reminded on a particular day (or x days before) and those who want to be reminded at a particular time in the day. I want to be reminded at a particular time of day - not just at "some time" during that day. Why? I also us Filterize's api to put Evernote reminders in my Google Calendar. This way I have a link to Evernote in my Google Calendar and that note gives me context (which for me will include minutes of the previous meeting) for any given meeting at any time of day. I do everything in Evernote: calendar, todos, notes and emails. I apply Evernote for GTD and I collect everything in Evernote. (I appreciate not everyone wants to do that but for me Evernote is my only storage and retrieval tool unless a file is bigger than 200mb.) I use ISO8601 for date and time. Hence a meeting in London on November 1 2019 at 12 noon is: 20191101T1200Z. This might not be for everyone but you can use any method you wish using filterize. Here is my action: The image above sets out the rule. Any email that I send to Evernote that contains "!reminder" will be scanned for the date and time of the desired reminder. Hence, if the email contains reminder!20191101T1800Z this shows up as an appointment in Google Calendar at 6pm on November 1, 2019 and a Evernote reminder at the same time. In Google Calendar I will have a link to evernote with the email that caused the meeting.
  7. Dear Evernote, I absolutely love the product - I've been using it since 2012. Naturally, anyone who has used the product for years can run up against the 100K notes maximum. I've previously hit the 100K notes limit and wow - I didn't like it - all your devices stop working with Evernote (for those notes over and above the 100K). This is Evernote, not NEvernote. I managed to clear 30K notes; that still leaves me with 70K and the sure knowledge that I'm less than three years away from hitting the 100k limit. I raised a ticket about this and all got advice about local notebooks and exporting .enex files. As a customer experience this was a lot like being told to "get stuffed". Local notebooks and exported .enex files are not what I want - I want ALL the features for ALL of my data for EVER! Should I pay a larger premium than my current Premium Subscription? Yes, I guess that is fair. Instead, seems Evernote would rather put my future data, where notes exceeds 100K, into Evernote purgatory. People who use Evernote as I do are raving fans, who are naturally Evernote Evangelists - you can't buy publicity like that - but if you don't give me some options, others will - please Evernote, please don't make me look into options other than Evernote. Evernote does not need to advertise precisely because it is such a good product - please don't make it a product with a 100k notes expiration. Customers that hit 100K represent an opportunity for Evernote - why show us the door?
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