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  1. Out of curiousity Mr. Michael, do you pay for this product and if so what truly justifies that outlay compared to what is out there in the market, free or not? No one said I'm ungrateful. I do appreciate the product as originally offered to early adopters. There should be some reward whether the product is free or not for those who have been loyal to the organization, and that is not taking away features.
  2. Those slamming my statement certainly miss my point. Evernote was offered "free" from the beginning, no strings (allegedly) attached "as is" with no device limitations. What they offer as an organization in sum total is really not worth paying what they are asking for. There are certainly equally (or better) good products out there for free. The entire industry has begun to let greed rule. So many are going to this monthly payment plan. I don't begrudge anyone in a Capitalist society making money but you really need to offer a superior product to justify that and Evernote in my opinion does no
  3. I just read about your pricing changes and limitation to just two devices and all I can say is this the best example of petty, greedy, ridiculous corporate gouging I have seen in a long time. I mean really? Cutting use from an early adopter from three devices to two in the interest of bleeding more money from your users is beyond comprehension. What difference does it really make to you if a user has your product on three devices instead of two? The fact that you are not even grandfathering in early users to retain what they already have is unprecedented! Most companies would make a change lik
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