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  1. Ah, yes, I just found this myself too! There's an 'options' button to the left of the 'Export' and 'Cancel' buttons. That's it, then! Thanks for the help! I can even search through notes from Windows Explorer!
  2. I picked the option "multiple html files". I tried "Enex" now, but that doesn't seem usable outside of Evernote, while I'd like to stop using Evernote, but still want to be able to access my diary. I'll try the remaining two options now. Single html file doesn't include any dates, like multiple html files. The mht option looks the same as single html file, so it also doesn't include dates. :/ Huh. Maybe that's only for the Mac version? If I'd need the premium subscription, let me know. I wouldn't mind paying money a single time to get my notes in a useful format.
  3. Hm... I don't see it anywhere. What format did you choose? Html files?
  4. Hello! I'd like to back-up my Evernote notes and was surprised to find there was an option for backing up an entire notebook, in Evernote's Windows application. However, after making it I was disappointed: the back-up doesn't save the dates. Is there another way to back-up Evernote notes while preserving the created dates, or can it be added in an update?
  5. Huh? I haven't had this issue in a long time.
  6. There are work-arounds, for example, you can first hit space or enter, and then go back using the arrow keys to type the emoticon, and then go back forth with the arrow keys to continue typing. It's a pain, however. This is a relatively new function, and it's one I can't imagine most people would appreciate, so I am of the opinion that there needs to be a way to turn it off.
  7. Bump. It's really painful to use Evernote Web now.
  8. I just typed in Evernote, and it changed into an emoticon. In fact, it did again right now. I don't want that, how do I turn it off?
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