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  1. I've been reading Evernote security and privacy pages and I'm not sure if notes are been deleted from their servers. It's privacy page (https://evernote.com/legal/privacy.php) says: So I understand that "deleted data" is really wiped out after one year (they keep database backups for one year). But it's security page (https://evernote.com/security/) says: Does that mean that note's data itself is still in their databases but it's not linked to my account? If I have my CV in a note and I delete it, it doesn't matter if they only remove the "links" (or id column, whatever) to my note. Al my info would be accessible if somebody access that database. Have I misunderstood that phrase? Is data really removed (after one year)? I suppose that only evernote members can know/answer this, so I'll cross my fingers
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