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  1. No skype. Also tried on a virgin CM load with same result. I believe this is an app programming issue.
  2. I am having an issue where random numbers are being linkafied on evernote for android. I have approx 600 memos saved, each with either phone numbers, serial numbers, server hostnames, anything really. Evernote seems to be linkifying every series of numbers even if it is not a phone number. Can you change it to please only linkafy a phone number if it is in this format 123-456-7890. Or at least provide some sort of options in the app to disable this undesirable behavior. Here in America, 10 digit dialing is standard, and so is writing a phone number in a format such as 123-456-7890 or (123)456-7890 Here are examples of number sequences in my notes that are getting linkafied but should not be: 1234-567-8901 123-4567 1234-567 Some-name-12-3456789 1234567890123 12345678 Please advise on the fix.
  3. This has been driving me nuts as well. I only use evernote for plain text docs. About 500 or so notes. I do not require formatting when pasting. Need option to disable this undesireable behavior.
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