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  1. Update. Uninstalled and reinstalled Evernote on my phone. Now everything seems to be normal again - the URL is saved and below it the jpg.
  2. The image shows how a web page saved to Evernote looks on Windows. The URL for that one is http://lifehacker.com/microsofts-start-menu-repair-tool-fixes-common-windows-1782496302
  3. Hi @Matt W. It's not URL-specific. Any page I try to clip to Evernote exhibits the same problem: the page's title is saved as the note's title and a jpg file appears in the note's body, but not the link. The jpg file, if opened, shows a screen capture of the page. This means that I can't really access the page later through the note, thus making it useless.
  4. I've noted lately that when I'm on a web site and click "Add to Evernote", Evernote responds saying "Saving full article". I then click on the elephant, select the notebook I want to save to, unmark "Clip full article" and click on the elephant again. The resultant note has the right title but only a jpg attachment (with a image of the web page) instead of a title and an http link. How to save just the title and a link to the web page as I did before?
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