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  1. Honstely, I'm a little bit lost and not sure how to proceed from here. I requested for Webhook around 10 days ago I got the feedback that it was put in place around 7 days ago I installed the webhook endpoint on my server and tried it out Didn't get back any event and was replying to the support email I've gotten initially about guideance (i.e. check the logs on Evernote side or similar if when sending out on the hook something goes wrong) at the same day (7 days ago) I didn't get any answer and managed to register in devevernote.zendesk a request to check the logs or similar https://devevernote.zendesk.com/requests/50968 Also here since 7 days I'm waiting for an answer or at least a info the request got received and will be processed in the next xxx days.... Do I something wrong from a process point of view or are these latency to be expected ? Don't get me wrong here, I appreciate all the work you are doing, but I'm tempted to rethink my strategy to go forward with the not very nice polling (which is working seemlessly) instead of changing to Web hooks. I'm just concerned about problem fixing when I'm live in production and something stops working with the hook (there I need some support in reasonable time, due to the fact I don't have any tools to check the hook sender side by myself). Or do you suggest for a two way strategy, i.e. Webhooks backed by a periodical (30 mins) polling ? Anyway would really appreciate if somebody could look into the above problem ticket request, to check if the outbound hook channel to my side throws some errors or what could be the root cause Thank you Felix
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