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  1. While this is helpful, I think the previous two poster's points are very valid. The Evernote spell check is really, really aggressive, to the point of not being useful. I'm using Evernote on OSX, and in other apps when auto-correct fixes I word for me and I disagree, I can simply backspace and fix. Auto-correct doesn't kick in when I'm fixing a word. In Evernote, auto-correct *always* kicks in. So, my only option is to fix the text, pick up my mouse, dismiss the incorrect suggestion, and then continue typing. That's enough that the community here is desperately looking for ways to turn o
  2. I'll second this as well - I don't want to turn off auto-correct, but right now it is WAY too aggressive in Evernote. As other posters have said, it is far easier to reject corrections in other applications, where in Evernote it is very difficult. I've resorted to typing the sentence, then going back to fix errors, being careful not to press the spacebar which will trigger a re-"correction". Here's a very concrete example: Type this: Tukey Press the spacebar, and Evernote "corrects" to "Turkey" Backspace over the r, leaving just "Tu" and type "key" Press the spa
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