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  1. Yes, I know. I'm saying they should if they want to keep up with the competition. The best alternative for Linux users right now is probably NixNote, especially for those with lots of notes already in Evernote and want to sync them to NixNote. Good to know about the new version coming down the pipe. It seems long overdue.
  2. The Evernote Web client absolutely sucks compared to the Mac Desktop client. The Web client is not a suitable solution for Linux users. And we shouldn't have to use WINE or a windows VM just to use an Evernote Desktop client. I know plenty of Linux users who chose other competing products instead of Evernote because of this issue. Evernote needs to join 2018 and build a Linux Desktop client if it wants to stay relevant.
  3. I use a Mac at home and Fedora (a Linux distribution) at work. The stark difference in quality between the Mac desktop client and the Web client is appalling. Linux users (there are dozens of us, dozens I tell you!) have no choice but to use the Web client, which frankly sucks. I pay for a premium subscription to Evernote -- can y'all at least put the money to good use and make something usable for Linux users? Either bring the Web client up to speed with the Desktop client, or port over a dedicated Desktop client for Linux machines. No, I shouldn't have to use WINE or a windows VM just to use
  4. I came here to report this exact problem and found your post. This problem is really annoying! I've wasted a TON of time reformatting stuff in bulleted lists. The most popular word processor (hint: macrohard) treats hyperlinks as separate entities from normal formatted text; the blue color & underline are not done through changing the formatting. Evernote would do well to implement something similar.
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