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  1. Hi gazumped, thanks for your reply, it do helps! But if Evernote notice this and solve it officially would be better.
  2. When I clipping a Wikipedia page which contains several formula, eg." https://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-hans/RSA加密演算法 ", the format present in Evernote would be extremely weird. Please fix this. ---- 当我使用 Chrome 中的网页裁剪插件来裁剪包含公式的维基百科页面时,印象笔记中的样式会变的非常奇怪,请修复。
  3. For example ,I just save this article to my Evernote use Evernote Web Clipper. But I can't read in iOS Evernote. Because it focus on a blank area and I can't scroll horizontally or pinch and zoom.
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