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  1. Hi, I'm picking up EverNote very quickly but have come unstuck in the end. The issue I have run into is the limitations of only being able to use ANY or AND logic but NOT a mix of the two (AND/OR). This is causing me problems such as being forced to use ANY logic which is pulling in unrelated notes from the ENTIRE database. An example of this occurring is when I search in all notebooks for: intitle:"_Glossary" any: tag:"fld-Information Science" tag:"fld-Statistics" tag:"fld-Programming" tag:"needs info" You can see that the intuitive goal is to see all my glossary notes that "need info" within the specified fields, however I will literally get every note in the ENTIRE evernote database tagged with all the "field names" or "needs info" tag. TLDR: I really require, in all-notebooks: ( intitle:this AND tag:that ) with tags x OR y OR z Does anyone have any advice, thoughts, workarounds? It's a shame because I designed my entire structure before recognizing the lack of search logic...woops!
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