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  1. Thank you, DTLow. Your response was helpful. What threw me was that Evernote displays a Stack within the list of Notebooks... even though a Stack is not a Notebook. Now, knowing that bug (or at least very misleading display issue), I realize I can drill down, and can go through and export each Notebook one by one. Although it's a fairly pathetic solution for exporting native format (.enex), not even HTML, from a released product, it beats the even more pathetic option of intentionally running 2 versions of the same product (the "new" version, plus the "legacy" version that actually works for the export), and the equally pathetic option of exporting individual notes 50 at a time (since there is a cap on how many can be exported at once). Back in business (I hope). Thank you.
  2. I am using Evernote 10.4.4 for Windows. I'm accustomed to periodically backing up all content. In the old Evernote, it was easy to do this in one .enex file. In the new Evernote, this article: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360053159414 recommends right-clicking on a notebook and selecting "Export Notebook..." If it worked, this would be fine. Unfortunately, when I right-click on a notebook, there is no option, at all, to "Export Notebook". The only options are "Create Notebook in [notebook name]", "Resume Stack", "Remove Stack", and "Add to Shortcuts". This seems to imply that I'm looking at a "Stack", not a "Notebook" - but the notebook I want to export appears in "My notebook list" - indicating that it is, in fact, a notebook. So, at the moment, I am completely locked in to Evernote, with no ability to export, in any format at all. Is this a known issue? Does anyone have a workaround? I have searched the forums but not found this exact issue. Thank you in advance.
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