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  1. Thanks for replying, rubenb! Updating and doing what run vegan suggested totally fixed the issue. Thankful!
  2. The extension works well in Chrome but not in Safari, where I spend most of my research and surfing time. It does not show the drop down for Notebooks under the organize heading on the extension pop out menu. The suggestion for tags doesn't work either. See attached screen shot. Any ideas for what to do? I have seen other older unresolved topics for the same problem. I tried uninstalling and re-installing, both from the Safari app store and Evernote directly. I tried clearing the cache, signing out, restarting Safari and signing back in. Nothing works. Even the "Always start in" drop-down list isn't populated with any notebooks in the Notebook options for Web Clipper :/ Really wanting to start heavily using Evernote but this is likely a deal-killer, unfortunately.
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