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  1. Hi Gazumped, Thank you for your reply - while I don't doubt that there are ways around this issue, I still think it is an issue that might cause distress but that can be easily prevented with a feature implementation. I don't understand what responsibility Evernote would have to take in changing the filenames. Windows does it whenever it finds copies of the same attachment - I don't see a simple suffix just like Windows uses adding much confusion. And I also don't understand what the issue is with the note name changing - the two notes would now have completely separate attachments,
  2. I have an issue where I get weird things happening when I copy a Word document from one note to another and make edits. If I don't rename the new copy, then when I edit the document and save it, the document just disappears, and the changes are actually applied to the original file in the original note. I see now that I should just rename a file when copying it between notes, but could Evernote have something in place so that this issue doesn't happen? For example, attachments could be automatically renamed with a suffix in the new note. To me one of the benefits of Evernote is
  3. @gazumped I think you only get the view your seeing is if you have visited (perhaps logged in?) the site before - try opening Evernote in an incognito tab
  4. Hi Jefito, Thanks for your reply. Yes you're right on Windows you get a prompt, however it is possible to click the box and prevent the prompt ever coming up again (requiring a reinstall of Evernote to get the prompt back again). Even if the prompt does pop up, I delete tags all the time, and one careless misclick could mean the deletion of the wrong tag.
  5. I really love Evernote and I use it all day everyday, but one of my biggest concerns is that I'll accidentally delete a tag or a notebook, and not be able to undo such an action. If hundreds of notes have been given that tag, it becomes a near-impossible process to find and re-tag those notes. The potential risk is that I will ruin my Evernote database, and even if I have backed it up in the last week/weeks, I will lose any notebook structure, as well as any new notes and edits made within that week. Adding an undo action that can revert any change, rather than just text edits, would
  6. I agree this is just a window that gets in the way - I'm getting used to Alt+F4'ing every time I save an email. I've used the Evernote outlook clipper for a while and it never did this before.
  7. I really like using the Android Evernote camera to take pictures for my notes. Sometimes I find that I think a picture has been taken in focus, but when I review it it's blurry (same can happen with the document camera) If I don't check all of my photos using the 'review' button in the corner then I'm at risk of having photos that look terrible - but it can be cumbersome to click the review button every time i take a photo (I can't tell from small preview down the bottom whether the picture if blurry or not because of its small size) It would be great if the camera showed me a f
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