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  1. Well...if you like the idea of native formatting rather than a workaround, please upvote it.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I suppose we just have to wait until the new architecture is rolled out before there's any hope of web UI changes being made.
  3. After a bit of Googling, I am unable to find any official documentation regarding hotkeys or any other sort of convenient formatting for the new web product. Mainly what I'm looking for is an easy way to use Header styles for organization without having to manually change font-size, font-color, or any other manual change that would have to be remembered to keep it consistent across notes and time. Whether this is through something like Markdown or some in-house method doesn't matter: so long as it's possible. This is in part a bit of a revival of a past request from the old product forums:
  4. I've just begun really making use of tags, so I am unsure if this issue was present in past versions (current version In the Windows desktop client (Win10), while in the "Tags View" I am attempting to make my existing tags all lower-case. When I attempt to do this, using the tag "Horse" -> "horse" as an example, I am told that this Tag already exists and that I should choose a different Tag name. In order to change the tag, I must first rename it to something like "horse1" (or whatever), then I am able to rename it to "horse." Effectively, what should be a 1-step process, becomes a 2-step process (thus wasting 4 seconds instead of 2). I demand my time back! I'd mention the number of mouse-clicks, but then I realized F2 is the "Rename" hotkey, so that's quite nice actually. Please fix.
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