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  1. Hello Fairfolk of Evernote Land, Firstly, apologies if these questions have been covered. I feel like the appropriate discussion is somewhere here but I cannot find it for the life of me, so many threads go close but invariably end up somewhere else. My two questions relate to scanning magazines: 1. Is there a software that will scan the full page (i.e. staples out, scanning the front and back cover first, then the second and second last pages and so on) and then intelligently re-assemble the magazine? i.e. every odd page number counting up, and every even one counting down? Reading this out loud it sounds like I am asking for a lot, but the process is straight forward and surely I am not the first person to have a need for this type of software. 2. Next question...is there a software that stitches together a page with text that has been separated down the middle and scanned separately? I thought I had hit the jackpot with Microsoft's Image Composite Editor but it needs an overlapping part of the image to work. I'm talking something like an A3 sheet of newspaper cut in two - there is no overlap. Again I don't think this is rocket science - the page height will be identical with barely any text matching required. If there is a tool that can help, hopefully it's not a $500 investment. I have an ix500, so if the above features are hiding away in the scansnap software somewhere, that would be perfect. Haven't found it so far though. Thanks in advance.
  2. I know this is an old thread but thought I would share my two cents in case it becomes active again.. The big benefit in having a Scansnap is time. Not only for scanning a 30 page printout (for example), but also for how quickly and accurately it scans a page. No fiddling about with border detection, or wondering how you'll make a curled up document sit flat, just pop it in and away you go. Sure it's expensive, and you'll still use your mobile here and there, but over time and as an investment it is well worth it imo. There's a lot of paper out there.
  3. Format painter is badly needed. Just about every time I use EN as a document creation tool I end up tearing my hair out...in this case clicking and dragging across blank cells in one of the new templates to make them white and green doesn't work if the cell is empty. Exasperating. And to top it off, white isn't even in the standard palette, to access it you need another two clicks. I'm a big fan of Evernote, but the way the company invests time into developing features which are a pale shadow of the competition is bewildering.
  4. Well, almost two months later and I can't believe no one else has posted here. You would have to take that as success.. I've used the camera in anger now for ten odd weeks and the core issue is definitely resolved.It's still not as good as the Note 3 and I use my old phone when I'm at home, but it's nitpicking to say the difference is a significant issue. Using the camera a lot more now I thought I would offer my thoughts: - the scanning feature needs a way to manually crop an image, like several of your competitors. There are too many real world scenarios where it is challenging for 'auto crop' to do it's job successfully, and you're stuck with either a photo or a badly cropped image. My biggest bug bear is with letters - often they have a strong fold, and unless you spend time smoothing that out it gets interpreted as the edge of the page. After that I would really like it if I didn't have to be so concerned on what colour table I was taking a photo on, it doesn't have to be white on white for auto crop to have issues. - you need a middle setting for the auto feature, where you manually take the photos but EN automatically applies the correct processing. At the moment you are currently choosing 100% automatic or 100% manual, which is a little inelegant at times. Other than that, happy to keep snapping away and now much more likely to stay on premium.
  5. Lordy it's here. Definitely an improvement but having some issues, particularly with cropping where I've had to take 4 or 5 photos a couple of times. One was a letter with just a fold in it so it definitely appears to be very sensitive at times. Admittedly it's early days. I'll be back!
  6. Matt we're at two months since your last update and five months since the issue was raised, is there anything to share? I'll be honest, I've had this issue since the moment I purchased my Note 5 in December 15 and just assumed that a flagship Samsung device - one targeted at business users no less - would get looked after. Fast forwarding to now I am right royally sick of sharing photos back from Camscanner and Onedrive back into Evernote. If fixing a showstopper bug for a premium phone isn't a priority, then what is?
  7. Hi Matt, I just noticed the 7.5 beta post that makes reference to resolving poor quality photos on the Note 5. Is this current behaviour in this thread an old issue returning, or something new? Also why is an old beta release stickied? Just curious...a bit confusing.
  8. Hi Matt, Thanks for the prompt reply. My Note 5 is on 6.0 (recently upgraded from 5.1), the Note 3 is on 5.0. (recently upgraded from 4.4). I have tested this behaviour on both versions installed on both phones without any variation detected in the behaviour (i.e. always good on Note 3, not so good on Note 5). I'm probably at this stage over a hundred images in between the two phones. Regular standard photos with the Note 5 are perfect 95% of the time, with the occasional one out of focus but probably just because I'm rushing or there is poor light etc. Just to be sure on this point I tested the EN doc camera with a range of different light sources including bright daylight, flouro & LED, there was no change. Just in case it helps here are two more images, the Note 5 then the Note 3. Look forward to any news, happy to try and answer any other questions. Note 5: Note 3:
  9. Hi Aquavelvaman, Want to share I have the same problem with my Note 5. It's very frustrating, the document can look fine in the viewfinder before you take the photo but after the image just comes up blurry for some reason. I would hazard a guess that although we have different Samsung phones we dealing with the exact same issue. Here's what I've found -: - the new EN camera based on scannable does not fix the issue. I'm running 7.9.2 - historical workarounds for other scanning issues in this forum do not appear to help, including switching bw default camera and EN, uninstalling, reinstalling, tapping the camera, focussing on an object in the distance first etc. - CamScanner and MS Office Lens do not have this issue. My current workaround is to use Camscanner as it can upload directly to EN - the Google Drive camera does have this issue (at least for me). - My old Note 3 has never at any stage ever had a scanning issue with EN, including till today. It may well be an issue effecting newer Samsung cameras only. I raised a ticket with EN support some time ago but haven't found the time to provide the examples they requested, hoping to do this soon. Hopefully with other Samsung users experiencing this issue there will be some more attention on this problem soon.
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