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  1. Hi all! Love Evernote! Use it both private as business. Very important for both is the TO DO function! Can't go without it ;-). But...... with all those notes and different TO DO list I lack overview. So who can help me with 2 questions below? 1) How can I make sure my unfinished/unmarked tasks are in the top off the list and the marked are down in one single note? 2) How can I get a total overview of all unfinished/unmarked tasks of ALL notes? So a master view so to speak? This should be the answer according to Evernote but I can't get it to work: list all the notes in your account with unfinished tasks, click inside the search field, select Add search option > Contains, then select 'Incomplete todos' from the list of options. So above does NOT work: who can help me with Q1 and Q2? How can I get a totall overview of ALL outstanding/unmarked/unfinished TO DO items? Thanks!!!!!
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